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Amulets on cards

I am happy to offer you unique amulets which I make personally for you, taking into account your particular needs.

The amulets are made on a playing card – this is an exclusive type of amulets. They draw the energy from cards, which possess extreme energetic power. I program the amulet to serve you according to your wishes. They can be of any kind:

- Amulets for love

- Attraction amulets

- Success amulets

- Job amulets

- Sex amulets

- Money amulets

- Gambling amulets

- Divorce amulets

- And many other

The amulet works if you carry it in you pocket or keep close to you in any other way, for example sleep on it (you can put in under your pillow or blanket). If you want to influence another person you can also use my amulet by putting it close to the person you want to affect.

This is easy and very effective!

Contact me to order amulets. Tell me what exactly you want the amulet to do, who is going to be affected and give the name of that person and their date of birth. It will take me 7 days to make an amulet (which is a long time, actually). But this provides amazing effectiveness of the amulets and this is what we are all looking for. Then I send you the amulet by post. consult.witch@gmail.com